ZT 1600DH Eco-Solvent Printer 2pcs Head DX5/DX7/DX8/I3200

Short Description:

● Max Printing size:160cm/5FT

● Max printing speed:

  • 34m2/h(Production mode) /
  • 28m2/h(Precision mode) /
  • 22m2/h(High precision mode)

● Printeads:2 PCS TX800/DX8/4720/3200/DX5/XP600 PRINTHEAD

● Printing material:PP, PVC, Coated photo paper, Light sheet, Canvas and so on

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

Model  ZT1608DH
Printhead Epson tx800
Print Width 190*188cm
Production Mode 22 sq.m/h
Precision Mode 18 sq.m/h
High Precision 12 sq.m/h
Maximum Resolution 720*2880 dpi
Print Height 3mm to 5mm adjustable
Ink 4 colors (K, C , M, Y )
Printing Types PVC, Film paper, Photo paper, Oil paper, and so on 
Data Interface USB 2.0 high speed interface transfer system
Working Environment Temperature: 25℃-30℃    Humidity: 40%-60%
Power 50-60HZ   1000w-2200W    AC220V
Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Printer Dimension 2400mm*700mm*1330mm

Product Advantages

Advantage feather technology.

Special ink dot control technology, the ink drop range could be 1.5pl to 14pl. Make sure the best saturation and printing quality , or avoid of banding.

Boards system & Control software can compatible on all Epson DX5, DX7, DX8, DX9. Change head but no need to change boards.

Ink pump pressure adjustable, easier to clean printhead or pump ink, save ink and your time. Meanwhile the material memory function could keep more than 10 kinds of material stepping date.

One of the best boards control system have been used on our printer, and more than 72 hours tested before shipping, guarantee the best quality.

Product Details

1.6m double epson tx800 heads eco solvent inkjet printer2
1.6m double epson tx800 heads eco solvent inkjet printer3

Three level heater

1.6m double epson tx800 heads eco solvent inkjet printer5

Pinch Roller

1.6m double epson tx800 heads eco solvent inkjet printer4

JMC Servo Motor

1.6m double epson tx800 heads eco solvent inkjet printer6

CNC Carriage

pro (1)
pro (2)

Large heating fan allows the printed material to dry quickly. Double heating: fan and heating lamp

The machine uses high-power motor to drive the machine to move, to ensure that the printing process is very stable

pro (3)
pro (4)

The use of stainless steel capping station, not easy to be ink corrosion, prolong the service life, not easy to damage.

Has multiple function buttons The abrupt stop switch Led lights Controller of suction fan

pro (5)
pro (6)

Intelligent Control Panel.This is a humanized and intelligent design, which makes it easier for users to operate.

It is a large number ink supply system .visually transparent ink amount ink filling easier.

pro (7)
pro (8)

High quality brand guide rail.And it's an upgrade 2.0.

Three stages of heating, front, middle and back.

pro (9)
pro (10)

Automatic tension release system ,prevent the ceng paper become warped edge,ensure to print.

Aluminum beam is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, pre heating, intermediate heating and post heating.

pro (11)
pro (12)

Anti-static platform design ensures that the paper feeding is straight and smooth.

This is where the nozzle is placed. CNC is used to finish milling the material.

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