How to distinguish and recognize heat transfer and digital heat transfer?

1, Heat transfer two printing methods:

There are two kinds of thermal transfer printing, is a sublimation (type library used) transfer, a transfer method is thermosetting sublimation, refers to the use of heat sublimation disperse dye production into paste printing paper by screen or gravure printing paper, the pattern transfer to the desired medium. Heat transfer refers to the use of ink (also called hot melt glue) into the printing paper by screen printing, transfer printing paper pattern to T-shirts and apparel and other products, two kinds of printing mode has obvious difference in application, mainly used in chemical sublimation transfer printing fabric and coated with hard material thermal transfer coating, thermosetting transfer method is mainly used in cotton products. The difference between the two ways of printing is that the texture of the material is not changed, and the feel and feel are good. After the transfer of the thermosetting pattern, a layer of jelly is formed on the surface of the adhesive, and the handle is poor and airtight. The two printing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages in production and have their own characteristics.


2. What is heat transfer?

The heat transfer is usually about a transfer of technology and products, the use of heat transfer equipment (type library used) will the thermal transfer paper pattern and image after heating to 180C0--230C0 transfer printed on the material medium on different forms of technology, thermal transfer technology was first used in textile printing and dyeing industry, shoe industry.

Later, with the progress of the development of the scientific and technological applications continue to increase, especially the emergence of digital technology and personalized consumption concept the application of thermal transfer technology is more popular and widely used products emerge in an endless stream, covering almost all areas of materials. Such as: metal, wood, stone, ceramics, glass, PVC, leather, chemical fiber fabrics can be applied heat transfer technology, transfer exquisite patterns and images, production and production of exquisite products.


3, the traditional sublimation heat transfer of several technical methods:

There are three kinds of traditional technology transfer: sublimation heat transfer printing, gravure printing (copperplate, glyphograph) heat transfer, thermal transfer printing. Traditional sublimation heat transfer printing is characterized by plate printing.


4 digital thermal transfer printing:

Digital thermal transfer is a combination of traditional sublimation heat transfer printing technology, digital printing technology to print images in the form of non printed version of a new technology (model library used). It is characterized by the use of digital printing technology, printing color patterns and images, without seihan, saving the process and costs of making, so it is suitable for production, printing personalized products.

Digital thermal transfer technology is characterized by digital printing equipment using special heat transfer printing, color printing ink and heat transfer printing paper.


How to understand and understand digital heat transfer technology

1, what is the digital heat transfer technology: digital thermal transfer printing technology is the traditional heat transfer technology and digital printing technology combined with a new technology without plate forms printed color images and patterns (models of second-hand Gallery). In the domestic first this technology is mainly used in advertising, signs, cards, ceramic image making, and later with the widening of application areas and more used in industrial production, such as digital printing and dyeing and garment production, material production, weaving, clothing labels and other industrialized production, applications increase.

The first countries to use the technology are the United States, South Korea, Italy (models, second-hand), Switzerland, China and other countries. In the past two years, China has become the largest digital heat transfer printing market in the world.

A lot of heat transfer on the international color (color printing ink Gallery models used) began on a huge Chinese brand market, participate in market competition, a great atmosphere of the situation, will be increasingly fierce competition here, what we want is about digital heat transfer in ink-jet printing technology of digital heat transfer technology to form, because this form of technology can guarantee a certain width and length, suitable for industrial production.


2, digital heat transfer technology market: digital heat transfer technology can be said to be in order to adapt to a new technology and personalized market development and consumer demand for personalized products, is the effective supplement to the traditional heat transfer technology and traditional heat transfer products market. Therefore, strictly speaking, digital heat transfer technology and product market positioning is personalized product market. Traditional heat transfer products are difficult to produce small quantities of personalized products due to technical limitations and the cost of plate making.

Therefore, in the traditional heat transfer printing market, for personalized products, before the advent of digital heat transfer technology is a market gap. The advent of this technology makes it possible to make personalized heat transfer printing products. Moreover, the printing quality of digital thermal transfer products is far higher than that of traditional thermal transfer printing technology. This is why digital thermal transfer technology can be popularized and popularized in a few years.

Post time: Apr-02-2021