ZT 3200K Solvent Printer 4/8pcs Head Konica 512I

Short Description:

● Max Printing size:Max 3.2m

● Max printing speed:

  • 130m2/h(Production mode) /
  • 85m2/h(Precision mode) /
  • 62m2/h(High precision mode)

● Printeads:4-8 PCS Konica 512i heads

● Printing material:PP, PVC, Coated photo paper, Light sheet, Canvas and so on

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.Support 4/8pcs Konica 512i heads custimized printer head group for you with same machine body.

2.The 20 cm long platform makes the printing area wider, the operation more convenient and the printing format larger


3.3.High-quality Machine body,new look with strong metal,with strong antitorque and longer life time.

4.Mould integration Platform.Upgrade dual mute imported guide rails and super strong aluminium alloy beam&platform,to make sure the printing stability and whole output.


5.Automatic tension release system ,prevent the ceng paper become warped edge,ensure to print.

6.It gives material a continuous and balanced pulling strength to assure a perfect material collecting,it is specially good for thin and soft type material like fabric,ceiling film ect.


7.Removable carriage, smooth sliding, print speed improvement, more efficient

8.High quality board system, High quality and unlocked motherboard ensure stable printing and long life span.


9.High quality guide rail High quality HINWIN linear guide ensure stable printing.

10.Intelligent Control Panel.This is a humanized and intelligent design, which makes it easier for users to operate.Users can operate directly on the panel, which is more convenient and fast.

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